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Embarc Chicago in Arctic

A photograph from Students On Ice’s trip to the Canadian Arctic. Embarc Chicago in partnership with Uncharted LLC sent two Chicago kids from marginalized communities to the arctic to observe climate change.

Youth from Embarc Chicago Continuing Gandhi's, Mandela's and MLK's Justice Legacy

On Friday, 18 October, at Chicago's Field Museum to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi‘s birth, India Development Service, in collaboration with other peace-based non-profits, welcomes legendary families who credit Gandhi for inspiring their famous matriarchs and patriarchs. 

On one stage for "Gandhi 150: The Legacy of Peace" will be Gandhi’s granddaughter (Ela), Nelson Mandela's daughter (Makaziwe), Cesar Chavez's grandson (Anthony), and Reverend Jesse Jackson's daughter (Santita). Youth from Embarc Chicago, an experiential education non-profit dedicated to "...student success [through] long-term social and cultural exposure, will appear as well. Embarc CEO and Founder, Imran Khan, talks about how Embarc continues the legacies of Gandhi, Mandela, Chavez and Martin Luther King.

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