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Beth A. Keiser / Associated Press


Beth A. Keiser / Associated Press

How Chicago’s two-flat could build wealth for South and West Side residents

The podcast “Change Agents” focuses on growing homeownership of Black and brown Chicagoans in an upcoming episode.

Beth A. Keiser / Associated Press


For some, being a homeowner is part of the American dream. For Mercedes Pickett, it was her dream to own a home in Garfield Park where she grew up.

Mercedes’ journey to homeownership is the focus of an upcoming episode of the Change Agents Podcast, which focuses on community activists and organizations working toward social justice and grassroots efforts to solve problems around the city.

Mercedes and her mother both turned to a local housing service organization for support from a grant to put toward the mortgage to homeownership education programs.

Reset sat down with the storyteller behind the episode and checked in with a local housing services organization working to make two-flats more accessible to own.

GUESTS: Reema Saleh, journalist

Ashahed Triche, director of marketing and communications, Neighborhood Housing Services

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