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What You Say Will Be Held Against You

Does Google need a new motto? Instead of "Don't Be Evil" how about "Don't Go There"? Google fired an employee this week for a memo suggesting that innate differences between men and women explain why women lag behind in the tech sector. Google says he crossed a line, but some think the company went too far. Joining guest host John Donvan to discuss it are Nitasha Tiku, senior writer at Wired, David Scher, a partner at the Employment Law Group, Bruce Barry, professor of management at Vanderbilt University and Simma Lieberman, a diversity and inclusion consultant based in Palo Alto. We'll end the show talking about vacation from work ... and why so many don't take it. We discuss our "no-vacation" nation with Lee Burbage, chief people officer at The Motley Fool. Then, a remembrance of musician Glen Campbell with singer/songwriter Kristian Bush, one half of the group Sugarland.

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