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Avengers: Infinity War / Top 5: Filmspotting's Avengers

With the first decade of the MCU coming to a close with AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (and its 2019 sequel), Adam and Josh are forced to reckon with the fact that 19 films into Marvel's uneven series, they've developed some affection for many of its Chrises, er, characters. And, oh my, are there so many characters. And while Josh at various points refers to the film as "exhausting" and "a long con," Adam defends directors Anthony and Joe Russo ("Captain America: Civil War") for bringing discipline and sound storytelling to their massive undertaking. Also on the show, the Top 5 "Filmspotting Avengers," which has Adam and Josh assembling their own teams of cinematic heroes. (Yes, of course this Top 5 has inspired a t-shirt design contest.)

0:00-2:07 - Intro
2:44-27:25 - Review: "Avengers: Infinity War"
Waxahatchee, "No Question"
30:04-36:14 - Next Week / Notes
36:14-42:16 - Massacre Theatre
Waxahatchee, "Recite Remorse"
43:57-46:34 - Donations
46:34-1:14:55 - Top 5: Filmspotting's Avengers
1:14:55-1:17:46 - Close

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