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Ready Player One / Top 5 Movie Homages / FS Madness Final

Is there a four-hour cut of READY PLAYER ONE? Adam and guest host Tasha Robinson (, Next Picture Show) have no idea, but it would help explain some of the narrative shortcuts in Spielberg's visually impressive adaptation of the Ernest Cline bestseller. The good news about the story's leap to the big screen is an improvement on the fun, but slight source material and some electrifying moments of nostalgia-fueled fun. Adam and Tasha also go on an Easter Egg hunt of sorts, with their Top 5 Movie Homages (that is, movies referencing other movies), including a movie-length Tarantino homage that gobsmacks Adam when Tasha points it out. All that, plus the championship round of Filmspotting Madness.

0:00-2:44 - Intro
3:30-41:25 - Review: "Ready Player One"
The Blow, "Get Up"
44:30-49:41 - Next Week / Notes
49:41-58:56 - Filmspotting Madness: Final
58:56-1:23:04 - Top 5: Movie Homages
The Blow, "The Greatest Love of All"
1:25:06-1:57:43 - Top 5: Movie Homages, cont
1:57:43-2:01:03 - Close      

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