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The Great Lakes region: Facing the future

It is often said there is strength in numbers.  In this global age, cities, states and countries are learning they can often accomplish more by working together.  But balkanization, competition and lack of coordination often prevent genuine cooperation.

The eight American states and two Canadian provinces that form the Great Lakes region are struggling economically despite having vast natural resources, great cities and world-class universities.  Some experts are convinced that overcoming our local and regional differences and pooling our talent, markets and resources could be the key to securing the region's economic future. 

Tune in to Facing the Future on November 21stat 2 p.m. Central Time to hear some of the region's best minds debate whether a unified Great Lakes region is possible, what it would look like and what it could mean for our lives and livelihoods.

We invite listeners from across the region to join in our discussion and, most importantly, share their ideas about what it will take to secure a better future for ourselves and our children.

Listen to the broadcast here:


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