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Trump Or Christie: One Undecided Voter Weighs His Options

The New Hampshire primary is less than a week away, and there are still people there who haven’t decided yet who to vote for. Last week Here & Now’s Robin Young spoke with an undecided Democratic voter in Iowa. Today, she hears from an undecided Republican voter in New Hampshire.

Brian Tilton of Hooksett is torn between two candidates: Donald Trump and Chris Christie.

“There’s some similarities between the two,” said Tilton. “Their claim to fame is being a straight talker and also being reformers.”

Tilton appreciates that Trump is not a “career politician” and has self-funded his presidential campaign. He believes that money in politics is a serious issue.

“The number one issue for me in this election cycle is the money problem. We have politicians who are bought and paid for by a corrupt, crony capitalist system. As a small government conservative, you cannot achieve that unless you end the cronyism,” Tilton said.

However, he hasn’t given up on Christie, citing the New Jersey governor’s experience, as well as a factor that is often criticized by other Republican front-runners.

“What really is attractive about Chris Christie is the ability to work with the other party, which is something we don’t see in Washington today.”

With the New Hampshire primary less than a week away, and Trump holding a strong lead over Christie, Tilton will have to make up his mind.

“It’s a tough decision for me,” said Tilton. “As of right now, I’m leaning more towards Trump.”


  • Brian Tilton, Republican outreach coordinator and undecided voter in Hooksett, New Hampshire. He tweets @briantilton.
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