Obama Speechwriter David Litt’s "Hopey Changey White House Years" | WBEZ
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Obama Speechwriter David Litt's "Hopey Changey White House Years"

David Litt was writing speeches for President Barack Obama when he was 24. His new book about the experience is called "Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years." David talks to Sam about falling in love with then-candidate Obama, working his way to the White House after an internship spent playing minesweeper, getting his dream job, meeting the President, joining his team of speechwriters, how Obama used language, orchestrating moments like Obama's 'Anger Translator' bit with Keegan-Michael Key, and how David came to realize the President was not as infallible has he had once believed. Email the show at samsanders@npr.org and follow Sam on Twitter @samsanders.

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