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Jim DeRogatis

Bye-bye, Pitchfork editors (and Elia Einhorn)

The Pitchfork Web zine is moving its editorial offices out of Chicago and east to New York—most likely that hipster haven of Brooklyn—the better to be close to founder Ryan Schreiber (who initially came here from Minneapolis but left for the Big Apple a few years ago).

The story initially was broken by the Reader’s Gossip Wolf column, but it missed and it noted the relevant fact that all of the hugely popular Web site’s business operations, including Schreiber’s right-hand man in the quest for world domination of indie-rock, Chris Kaskie, will remain right here in the Windy City. Only the top editorial staffers, including news editor Amy Phillips and editor in chief Mark Richardson, are being forced to relocate the way Jann Wenner once moved Rolling Stone from San Francisco to Midtown Manhattan. (Hey, we know that Schreiber hates that comparison, but if the mogul's shoes fit... .)

What does this mean for Chicago? Nothing, really, since Pitchfork the Web site never has been central to the local scene. (This, of course, is in contrast to Pitchfork the Music Festival, which remains an integral part of the community. But as this blog often has pointed out, the people who do all the work for that are Chicagoans, and they ain’t going anywhere.) The biggest loss to us, as one astute observer remarked, is that this also means the end of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir as we’ve known and loved it.

Gossip Wolf first noted that “Phillips’s squeeze, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's Elia Einhorn, will move with her,” and Einhorn has confirmed that to this reporter. He writes:

“Sadly yes, I’m off to New York. After all the mean things I’ve said about artists leaving to go there I’ll probably be roundly beaten at the airport. For me it’s not for music, but for love and family... I’m definitely not planning to stay there forever; I’m thinking to give it a year or two and then reassess.  SYGC are staying together of course, and I’ve been working on a new project as well under the name Fashion Brigade. It’s electronic beats with punk guitars. It’s just me and guests, and so far some standouts are Exene Cervenka singing on three songs, Mars [Williams] from the Psychedelic Furs playing sax on two, Tyler from Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s playing some bass, local actress Moira O’Neal singing, Ethan from SYGC and many others. SYGC’s new single features a song with guest vox from Josh Caterer, a real treat.”

Farewell, Elia; Chicago will miss you!

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir; Elia Einhorn, center (Bloodshot Records)

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