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Jim DeRogatis

Imagine there's no Herman Cain

In the wake of yesterday’s post on a supremely ridiculous, extremely annoying video, here’s another.

Excuse me if you’ve seen this already as it’s become a bit of a viral phenomenon—and I apologize for inflicting this upon you if you haven’t yet been exposed—but this man would like to be President, so his “sense of humor” and his ideas about what is and isn’t appropriate—donning gospel robes to parody John Lennon at the Omaha Press Club? Really?—to say nothing of his musical taste and abilities are all things that every good citizen ought to examine.

Oh, yeah: Then there’s that “999 Tax Plan.” Initially, I thought that Michele Bachmann’s crack about Cain’s scheme being dangerous because if you turn it upside down it reads “666”—“ The devil is in the details”—was just more of evidence of her being a complete loon.

Now, after seeing this video, I think Cain might just be linked to Satan after all.

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