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Jim DeRogatis

Lusting after Mark Mothersbaugh's synth collection

Although I am a drummer, not a musician (bah-dum dum!), I love and lust after the analog synthesizers of the ’70s: Nothing else ever has sounded like these funky generators of random blurbs, bleeps, squeals, and drones, or had the ability to totally astound with every turn of the dial and flip of a switch. After Kraftwerk, no one has done more with these ungainly but wonderful machines than Mark Mothersbaugh, the driving force of New Wave-era pioneers Devo turned craftsman of memorable television and movie soundtracks (The Royal Tenenbaums!). I know plenty of followers agree, so after I stumbled upon this video of Motherbaugh showing off his collection of synths in his fluorescent-green, UFO-shaped recording studio courtesy on Open, I knew I had to pass it along. Enjoy!

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