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Jim DeRogatis

Morrissey in Chicago

Leaving hundreds of dedicated Chicago fans with broken hearts and wilting gladioli, Morrissey on Tuesday announced the cancellation of tonight’s concert at the Congress Theatre, allegedly due to “a visa administration error.” But making this tragic news even harder to bear was the plethora of Moz sightings in the last week at hipster sites throughout Our Town.

The erstwhile leader of the Smiths was at Myopic Books in Wicker Park! (Checking out the Oscar Wilde shelf, no doubt!) He was at that cool vegan restaurant in Logan Square! He was at Reckless Records! Wait, which one? All of them!

The singer was, it would seem, everywhere… though he won’t be onstage here as had been expected, at least not until Dec. 17, when the gig has been rescheduled.

To mark the news of this sad, sad turn of events, one of Chicago’s wittiest Anglophiles and most prolific tunesmiths, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir’s irrepressible bandleader Elia Einhorn, quickly dashed off, recorded, and posted a tune called “Morrissey in Chicago” on YouTube. It’s just “a little song I just knocked out in an hour about Moz’s awesome/charming/obsessive fans here in Chicago,” Einhorn writes. “He’s been in town rehearsing for a week, and since I’m a fan, people keep texting me real-time updates on his whereabouts. Poor guy... nah, he probably loves it!”

Well, maybe not so much. But this blogger digs it plenty. The lyrics:

Something big’s going down!

Morrissey’s in my town!

And everybody wants to know where he’s at tonight!

“He was just at the Globe watching football!

“What were his clothes like?

“What did he drink?

“Was his hair in a quiff?”

Something big’s going down

Morrissey’s in my town

And everybody wants to know where he’s at!

“I heard he went to Reckless Records in Wicker Park!

“What did he buy? What was he like?

“Was he with anyone?

“I heard he went to the one on Broadway!”

Well he might be gay so that might be true

And I know that you

Wanna see him too!

Morrissey’s in my town for a week!

Morrissey’s in my town for a week!

I can’t wait to see him live

But to know of his whereabouts is all I need for tonight

Morrissey’s in my town!

Morrissey’s in my town for the week

All I can say is:

Woah oh oh!

Woah oh oh!

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