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Jim DeRogatis

Pitchfork Day 2: Grimes and Danny Brown

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If Chromatics were playing music for a dark disco, Danny Brown was at the strip club at the end of the block. Very much a party rapper, Brown is more concerned with describing very specific sexual acts in very specific detail than flexing his formidible skills in wordplay and flow. Though the 2 Live Crew act was nothing new, it did seem Brown prefers Adderol to pot.

On a sidenote, there has been excessive airhorn and gun cocking sound effect usage this weekend. As an Aziz Ansari fan, I can't help but think of his character, Randy (from Funny People) everytime I hear it.

Grimes (WBEZ/Andrew Gill)

Headlining the Blue stage, Grimes unceremoniously kicked off her performance after a hurried soundcheck in front of a rapt audience. The first time the crowd got even a glimpse of Claire Boucher onstage, they went crazy. Flanked by her friend Mike Tucker of Blood Diamond, Grimes hoped around like a muppet as two dancers clad in moss-covered sports bras did sort of choreographed moves.

Grimes with dancer (WBEZ/Andrew Gill)

Despite the enthusiasm of the crowd and Grimes' showmanship, other than her two internet hits ("Genesis" and "Oblivion") there wasn't much more to grasp onto in her performance. Songs with traditional lyrics sounded like Madonna remixes while the others were more like Panda Bear outtakes.

That being said, Grimes' two good songs are actually really great. It comes down to the beat. On those tunes she nailed a beat that is totally infectious and new. It reminds me of the '80s game Skip-It, so why not call it that: The Skip-It Beat. That's where Grimes should focus her energy if she wants to develop a distinctive career.

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