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Jim DeRogatis

Pitchfork Day 3: A Lull and Milk Music

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A Lull (Photo by Robert Loerzel)

Sunday morning, haggard from two long days of Pitchfork-ing, I had a choice to make: eat a good meal or get to the festival on time. As delicious as the Big Star tacos they're selling in the VIP section are, I opted for nutrition over punctuality, taking a literal lull instead of seeing a band called A Lull open the Blue stage. Fortunately our photographer Robert Loerzel was there, so at least we can share what they looked like.

I did manage to arrive in time for Milk Music, probably better fed and rested than the band, who seemed to be shaking off a hangover. The four piece had a seventies vibe to their look, sporting long hair and a muscle T. Their music was a combination of '80s indie rock like Husker Du and Mission of Burma with a twin lead guitar set-up a la The Allman Brothers. As incongurous as that idea might be, it mostly worked though the effect wasn't all that memorable. Essentialy Milk Music sounds like some righteous dudes who put together some sweet tunes in their basement.

Milk Music (WBEZ/Andrew Gill)

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