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Jim DeRogatis

Snooty Garbagemen as good as trash-rock gets

I long have considered the calling of sanitation engineer—or garbageperson, if we want to be vulgar about it—to be a noble one, hauling away the detritus of our lives to give us a fresh start once or twice a week. Removal, renewal, rebooting… recycling, even! Plus, it seems like a helluva lot of fun to drive those big, noisy trucks. My mom tells me that as a three-year-old I’d wait by the window for the garbage truck to come so I could wave to the crew as it picked up those big old metal cans. If this rock-crit gig ever dries up, maybe I’ll still have the chance to try it as an alternate career. Of course, there is the smell…

In any event, consider me predisposed to like a band that calls itself the Snooty Garbagemen. But the Houston, Texas-based trio more than delivers on the promise of that moniker with 14 short, sharp shocks of raw garage rock, most of them little more than two minutes long. The rhythms rampage, the guitar explodes in bursts of nervous frenzy, and bandleader Tom Triplett sneers and snarls with the best of ’em, whether you want to go back to the Nuggets era or turn to the current scenes in Detroit and the Bay Area. He and his two bandmates have pedigrees, to be sure (OBN IIIs, Real Energy, the Secret Prostitutes), but none of them mean much to me. And, really, you don’t need much more to sell you on giving this disc a spin than the desire to howl at the moon while rolling in the gutter. And who doesn’t feel that way sometimes?

Snooty Garbagemen, Snooty Garbagemen (12XU)

Rating on the 4-star scale: 3.5 stars.

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