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Jim DeRogatis

Viva la sleaze!

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In the world of Low Cut Connie’s third album Hi Honey, the dank, dark waterfront dive has long since rung last call, but the true reprobates remain with their objects of the moment’s obsessions, having duked the wary barkeep to knock back one more shot and a beer while Jerry Lee Lewis and Ike and Tina Turner play on the jukebox, and wicked plans are hatched to unfurl during the final act of the night, until the inevitable and regrettable break of dawn.

Yeah, sure, plenty of rock bands have evoked this vibe in the past, from the Philadelphia quartet’s beloved R&B-tinged garage bands in the early ’60s to the Replacements at their best (and we’re talking the Bob Stinson days, not the current reunion). But deft keyboardist Adam Weiner and the band’s co-founder, drummer/guitarist Dan Finnemore, roam this familiar turf with such unbridled enthusiasm and deliciously sordid sarcasm that they make you believe they’re the only real rock ’n’ roll band in a world of fakes and poseurs.

In other words, they mean it, man. “He’s gonna have to sell his kidney if we don’t get a record deal by the end of June,” the boys sing of the title character in “Danny’s Out of Money.” And you get the sense that they’d do the same and consider it a bargain, so long as they get to get to continue churning out losers’ anthems such as “Shake It Little Tina,” “Dickie’s Bringing Me Down,” “Dumb Boy,” and “The Royal Screw.” We’re lucky that such delusional true believers remain and thrive, and this is their ideal soundtrack.

Low Cut Connie, Hi Honey (Contender)

Rating on the 4-star scale: 3.5 stars.

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