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Jim DeRogatis

Wesley Willis lives… as Wonder Woman’s half-brother, no less!

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Whether you celebrated his head-butting antics, his exhortations of “Rock over London! Rock on, Chicago!” and his Casio- powered odes to the voices in his head, or found his embrace by some fans and sectors of the music industry verging on exploitation (as this critic did), you can’t deny that Wesley Willis remains an indelible memory of the local rock scene in the ’90s.

The hulking Willis died in August 2003 at the age of 40 after a battle with chronic myelogenous leukemia. But he lives on not only on Chicago scenesters’ mental hard drives, but in the unlikely home of DC Comics’ newest incarnation of the venerable Wonder Woman comic book.

In 2011, DC revamped its entire line of monthly superhero comics, a project dubbed “the New 52.” Our old pal Elia Einhorn of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir passed along this post from ComicsAlliance.com, which details how issue 15 of the latest Wonder Woman introduces a character named Milan, “a son of Zeus and, it would follow, Wonder Woman’s half-brother.”

The tall and hefty African-American character head-butts opponents and friends alike; characterizes good experiences as “joy rides” and bad ones as “hell rides”; is tortured by demons in a way that recalls the suffering of many schizophrenics and shouts “Rock on!” in celebratory moments.


In other words, Milan is Wesley Willis. And that pretty much whups the llama’s ass, as the musician no doubt would have said had he lived to see this.

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