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Glam App creators explain their beauty services model

The beauty service industry is getting a makeover.

Entrepreneurs Cara Santana and Joey Maalouf created the Glam App to provide on-demand beauty services to consumers with a touch of a button. They say it’s not only a pretty deal for consumers, but it also allows stylists to become their own booking agents.

Marketplace Senior Tech Correspondent Molly Wood talked to the two founders about their competition, and empowering freelance stylists.

How the Glam App cuts out the middleman for stylists:

“Unlike salons, we take 10 percent commission from our stylists. They're in essence keeping 90 percent, as opposed to a salon, which takes 40 to 60 percent because they have to pay the cost of overhead. And we don’t have to do that because you're getting your service done in the quality of your client’s home,” Santana said.

On the downside of the gig economy for stylists:

“It’s way less stressful because things like this didn’t exist when I was a stylist,” Maalouf said. “Being a freelance stylist is hard. The struggle was real and I just went with it. But to find a hair and makeup agent or an agent of any kind, it's really difficult. They’re taking 20 percent,  charging the client another 20 percent. So that’s 40 percent out of the money that you’re making.”

Carving their space in the world of on-demand apps:

“We don’t really see any of the other apps as competition necessarily. Like I said, they're all, I guess, similar in style, but what we do is very unique."

Why they don’t see competition with beauty salons:

“People who are going to go get their hair cut and colored are always going to go to a salon,” Santana said. “People are going to get their hair styled and people are going to get their makeup done at home and people are going to get a polish change at home. They don’t want to go to the salon. So I don’t see the salon as competition, either. I feel like we’ve carved out a niche and we’re driving our own force and we’re sort of pioneers in that way.”


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