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Morning Shift

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at TV News In Chicago

Did you watch the local news last night?

For many people — older viewers in particular — anchors like Bill Kurtis, Walter Jacobson, Fahey Flynn, and Carol Marin are household names. In Chicago, there’s special bond among viewers and their newscasters. But younger audiences may not get their news from TV at all.

The Morning Shift takes you behind the scenes of TV news. We also discuss the changing news landscape, and how reporters and anchors are keeping TV news relevant.

Joining guest host Tahman Bradley is his WGN-TV co-anchor Jackie Bange. CBS 2 reporter Audrina Bigos also weighs in on the conversation.

On why Chicago is a unique city to report on

CBS 2 reporter Audrina Bigos: Before coming here I was in Charlotte, North Carolina…there, people come and go….Here, I feel like there’s so much tradition, so much long-standing fight and grit.

On how technology has changed in the past thirty years

WGN TV co-anchor Jackie Bange: Back in the day, you had tape, you had audio, you had heavy cameras, and within a short span...everything is computerized, and everything is [on] social media.

GUESTS: Audrina Bigos, reporter, CBS 2

Jackie Bange, co-anchor, WGN TV

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WGN-TV's Jackie Bange performs a secret handshake with her former co-anchor, Robert Jordan.

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