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Getting Left And Right Talking With Radio Man Charlie Sykes

For the first 100 days of the Trump administration, WNYC Radio is producing a national call-in show called Indivisible that’s airing on public radio stations across the country, including WBEZ. 

The host on Wednesday nights is Charlie Sykes, a long time voice on conservative radio who calls himself a “contrarian conservative.” He is anti-Trump and worried about the direction the country and his Republican party are headed. 

Regarding the issue of immigration, Sykes subscribes not to Donald Trump’s isolationism but to Ronald Reagan’s conception of America as a shining city on the hill with room for all. 

For Indivisible, Sykes talks to a variety of guests, including conservative writers like George Will and David Frum, about the Trump administration, the political divide in our country and how we might prevail as a unified society. In doing so, he brings in regular people of every political stripe into the conversation from all across the nation. 

Morning Shift spoke with Sykes about what he’s hoping to accomplish with the program and his take on the current state of American discourse.

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