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Graphic videos: How much is too much?

Have you seen the video of the fatal shooting of Cincinnati resident Samuel DuBose by now former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing? It’s been all over the news, but maybe it’s too graphic for you? Or do you think it’s necessary to see this to really understand what’s been happening with some police officers and African Americans?The video released Wednesday was taken by Tensing’s police body cam. So if you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen it, here’s how it breaks down: Tensing pulls over DuBose for what he says is not having a license plate. Then he asks the driver for his license. When DuBose doesn’t produce the license, things start to escalate. After this, things take a fatal turn. The officer tells the driver to take off his seat belt, but DuBose starts to drive away. Seconds later, Tensing shoots one shot to DuBose’s head and kills him. Tensing’s version of the incident detailed a struggle with Dubose and the officer being dragged by the car resulting in him having to shoot the unarmed man. The unedited video shows the opposite. The last words from Dubose are: “I didn’t even do nothing.” Now some people are questioning why news outlets needed to show the full footage instead of stopping it before the fatal shot, arguing it’s too graphic for news consumers. But others say it's necessary to show the unfair treatment of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement. Our listeners called in to share their thoughts.

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