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Teaching Consent Is Important Aspect To Commanding Personal Health

Victor Björkund/Flickr

Kyra Mitchell

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Understanding boundaries at work, sexual choices on campus, and speaking up when lines are crossed comes back to the same concept: sex education.

Mandated sex ed at school varies from state to state, and not all kids can expect thorough lessons and conversations at home. But the statistics show that the need for more education about the most pressing issues facing young people is very present. 

Programs like Peer Health Exchange approach these needs by matching college students with high schoolers to teach about sexual health, substance abuse, and mental health. They also focus on teaching consent, and say age proximity to the mentors and mentees makes it more relatable. 

We talk to Brittany Merritt, director of programs and partnership at Peer Health Exchange, and Michael Martinez, a college student who volunteers as a mentor in the program.