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What Is Your Relationship With Your Doctor Worth To You?

You know that old saying about two things you can’t escape: death and taxes? These days it seems there should be a third: rising healthcare costs. Healthcare costs is something that hits everyone — from patients and doctors to hospitals and insurance companies. But what if those costs could be reduced by going back in time, when people had a more personal relationship with their doctor rather than today’s almost assembly line approach to personal healthcare? That’s what’s being tried at a clinic out of the University of Chicago. Dr. David Meltzer wanted to put a value on the doctor-patient relationship by, first and foremost, getting doctors to spend more time with their patients. 


Dr. Meltzer, an economist, primary care physician and the principal investigator at the University of Chicago’s Comprehensive Care Program

Dr. Anshu Verma, the director of clinical operations at University of Chicago’s Comprehensive Care Program.

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