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Messing With Nature: Exploring The Future Of Food, Fertility And More

This is a special episode of Nerdette: hosts Tricia Bobeda and Greta Johnsen hear from entrepreneurs and scientists who are forging into the frontier with pigeons, infertility, food, and feces.

First, we venture into Jurassic Park territory: Ben Novak works at Revive and Restore, and his mission is to bring the passenger pigeon back to life.

Then, Isha Datar from New Harvest talks about “cellular agriculture” -- engineering food like eggs without chickens, milk without cows, and bacon without pigs.

We also hear from Piraye Beim of Celmatix, whose statistical modelling is helping women with infertility.

Robbie Allen, CEO of Automated Insights, discusses the possibility of robot-journalists.

And then, Jessica Richman of uBiome talks about how analyzing the many bacteria in your poop can lead to greater understanding of physical and mental health.

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