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Note to Self

Infomagical: BOOTCAMP

You haven't watched Lemonade all the way through yet, have you? 

Oh, you didn't notice the extra twist of the knife in Sunday's Game of Thrones?

Yes, Hillary just became the presumptive nominee. Yes, we know you haven't been paying that much attention.

National Doughnut Day was last week. But you? You're eating one today, aren't you?

In sum: There's a million things you haven't done – but just you wait! Just you wait! 

It's time for Infomagical BOOTCAMP.

Earlier this year, 30,000 of you participated in our Infomagical project, five days of challenges designed to fight information overload – that buzzy, anxious feeling of, there's way too much out there to consume, I am not getting anything done all the way through, and I still have no idea what people are talking about. This week, we've made an extra special, super-charged challenge that only lasts one day. A very, very, very productive day.

Perhaps you participated in the first round, you've been very focused ever since and now you want to get something 100 percent DONE before you leave for a well-deserved summer vacation. Perhaps you participated, and you've fallen off the wagon. Perhaps you did not participate because you were overwhelmed by the idea of a week-long commitment. Perhaps you did not participate because you did not know about it.

This is your chance. ATTENTION! 

Listen to this week's Note to Self wherever you listen to your podcasts for your challenge and instructions.

And if you want to do a full Infomagical week – or if you know anyone who could benefit from one – you can still sign up here for a few more weeks.

If you're doing it? Or if you have big ideas for our next big project? Let us know @NoteToSelf (#infomagical) or Note to Self on Facebook.

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