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Save the Planet! Part 3: Super Powered Sweet Corn

This is part of our five-episode pack on how science and technology can fight climate change. With better air conditioning, more whale poopsouped-up plants, and a giant vacuum. If all else fails, planet B. With David Biello, science curator at TED, author of The Unnatural World: The Race to Remake Civilization in Earth's Newest Age, and contributing editor at Scientific American.

Do you want a blue tomato? Because we can make one, thanks to the magic of gene editing. The question, of course, is should we.

Genetically-modified foods have been a battleground for years. And the debate about genetically-modified humans is ratcheting up. But what about tweaking the genes in algae? David Biello says we can alter our plants to suck up more CO2 - buying us a little time to get our carbon-spewing habits under control.

Closer to home, we can aim for control over our meat-heavy, food-wasting diets. Meatless Mondays, meet tofu Tuesday and fried-egg Friday. 

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