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Note to Self

Welcome to Note to Self: Our New Name

Hello friends,

Consider this a big cyber squeeze and thank you! After reading through all of your thoughtful suggestions and feedback, we’re ready to announce our new name.

To recap: We have been on the hunt for a title that better aligns with our mission of exploring the human side of technology. We asked you to weigh in, and we got over 700 suggestions from listeners... including, but not limited to:

'Radio Manoush' and 'Summer Roadie' were among the contenders submitted by listeners.
"Radio Manoush" and "Summer Roadie" were among the contenders submitted by listeners. (Listeners)


As I went through all the suggestions, a theme emerged: we’re on a search for balance in the digital age. In no uncertain terms, you told me you listen to our show because you're interested in "purposeful use of technology." According to our survey, the shows that seem to have resonated with you include:

And so: We're renaming this podcast "Note to Self."

Let me explain: It’s not only this podcast’s new name. It’s something I do every day, as I think about my life, my responsibilities, and the sorts of stories I want to cover for all of you. For example:

Pinterest photos aren't reality.
...for when things don't look perfect... (Manoush Zomorodi)


...for when I'm being lazy... (Manoush Zomorodi)


...for when I'm trying to  remember what I read...  (Manoush Zomorodi)

This show is a place where we find solutions together, both high and low tech (see above!). We're not just talking literal notes. We're here to do more experiments, stories, and reminders about how we can live and think better in an era of information overload.

Listen above for more about our new name. Soon you’ll be able to find us at notetoselfpodcast.org. If you're already a subscriber or a regular listener, you don't have to do anything at all -- you’ll just see a new logo and hear a new intro each week. We'll be updating all of our social media profiles, and you shouldn't have to do a thing.

If you don't already, subscribe to our newsletter.


And in the spirit of note-writing, you can email us any time at notetoself@wnyc.org. Please do! If you’ve got a “note to self” you’d like to share that fits in with the show (digital freak outs! tough questions you need answered! things you've noticed that set you on edge!), record a voice memo and email it to us, or call from a landline and leave us a voicemail at 917-924-2964.

We’d love to hear what you think. You could find yourself in an upcoming episode.

For now, a big thank you for listening and for coming along on this ride.



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