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Yes, You’re Distracted. Is it ADHD?

You pick up your phone to send an email. You see a notification for a text message. All of a sudden, you're on Instagram debating whether or not to like an old high school classmate's engagement picture, Pinterest-ing the photographer (aww, PUPPY!), and contemplating the ice cream options within range. An hour later, you realize you forgot to send your email. You pick up your phone again. Rinse, repeat.
For most of us, it's normal. For some of us — including Cynan Clucas, whom we spoke with for this week's episode — it's a sign of adult onset ADHD, and it's a problem that's only exacerbated by tech. In this week's episode, we talk with Michael Pietrus, a psychologist who specializes in ADHD and the technological distractions all around us. We also hear from two digital marketing professionals — Lizz Pietrus (yes, related) and Clucas himself — debating the role that tech plays in their lives and how to master it. That's right: we talked with two different people who work in the digital marketing worlds, who are worried about the consequences of their attention-grabbing tactics. Give it a listen. See if you relate to either of them. And be in touch. Because now we're curious: Are there more of you ambivalent techies out there making tech that is just a little too addictive sometimes? How do you feel about it? What do you do when you feel knocked sideways by the very tools and content you create? Drop us a line! You might end up on a future episode of the show.  

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