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Ep 302 - Sinners At Every Turn

Ho there, listeners! It’s time to find a quiet corner, pop in those earbuds, and prepare yourself for another dramatic episode of PleasureTown.

This week, we become acquainted with Bethany and Daniel, two armorous teens from Louisiana who are blessed by God with the ability to speak to the dead. Hearing the call, the two young mediums head to PleasureTown to release the tortured spirits who remain tethered by earthly bonds. Meanwhile, as the town begins to show signs of wear, Claude and Cyrus are hard pressed to find the available repair funds. Will they come up with a plan to save the town from decaying?

Fickle finances sure are frustrating, as we’re sure Claude and Cy could tell you! Which is why the PleasureTown Kickstarter is back with a whole new mission and a laundry list of fantastic rewards! Thanks, and welcome back to the dusty red roads of PleasureTown!

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