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Ep 307 - The Good In Ourselves

Howdy listeners, and welcome back to PleasureTown! Boy, are we glad to be back. That break gave us some much needed R&R, but we are ready to see what happens next to all the folks we've befriended in season 3.

Speaking of which...this week, we join Remy at Amelia’s Inn where she holds her weekly support group for troubled PleasureTowners. However, Remy is challenged when one of her more distressed members loses her temper. Meanwhile, spurred by worry about the decline of her inn, Amelia seeks council from her old friend Ma Barker. What she finds is more than a friendly ear...it's a sparring partner.

Will Amelia and Remy win this fight against their inner demons? Break out those earbuds, and check it out below!

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