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The Midterm Elections and The State of Illinois' Healthcare System

Leading up to the midterm elections, we’re bringing you a series of conversations around the big financial issues facing Illinois and its residents. “Illinois: The Bottom Line” is based on the idea that the only way we can create a brighter future for both the state as a whole and individuals and families is by addressing the bottom line. Later this month, we’ll examine the state’s finances with some explanatory journalism on taxes, debt and our pension crisis. This week, we’re looking at three issues that shape the lives of individuals and families: Housing, jobs and today: Healthcare.   We look at how the public and private healthcare systems work in our state, where inequities exist and what can be done about them. We also shed light on what some of the major candidates running for office in Illinois say they’ll do to improve health outcomes for residents. We talked with WBEZ political reporter Kristen Schorsch, she covers Cook County government including its healthcare system. For year, she covered the healthcare beat for Crain’s Chicago Business. Also part of the conversation was Barbara Otto, CEO of Smart Policy Works. It’s a nonprofit that helps people navigate health insurance plans.

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