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Savage Lovecast

Savage Love Episode 429

How can you tell when a slap to the face is welcome or unwelcome in a BDSM situation? A weepy slapper wants to know.  How much trouble can naughty photos on Tumblr cause your new boyfriend?  Chest tattoos: hot or not? Dan welcomes Heather Havrilesky of "Ask Polly" to tackle this one in a Second Opinion. And on the Magnum, does a woman have a right to ask about her new boyfriend's prescription for Cialis? Nancy weighs in!  206-201-2720 This podcast is brought to you by Click on the microphone and enter "Savage" for $55 free postage and a digital scale. This episode is also brought to you by NatureBox: the subscription service dedicated to smarter snacking. Get a free sample, by visiting This episode is also brought to you by Get 10 free gifts, plus free shipping when you enter offer code "Savage".

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