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Savage Love Episode 515

A bi man in a poly triad wonders how to bring home his couple to meet the conservative parents. A woman enjoys following men around for the feeling of  "predatory power" the pursuit gives her. Is this a problem? On the Magnum, Dan  speaks with Professor Barbara Sarnecka, in a "What You Got?"  showing how uptight our society is about leaving children alone. The study is HERE. And, while on a trip to NYC, and gay man finds someone he knows from back home on Grindr. When he contacted the friend to say "Hi there!" the friend disappeared and blocked him. Awkward? 206-302-2064 Today’s episode is brought to you by Rocket Mortgage from Quicken Loans. Rocket Mortgage brings the mortgage process into the twenty-first century with a fast, easy and completely online process. Check out Rocket Mortgage today at This episode is also brought to you by They make it easy to build a website or blog. Give it a whirl, and if you want to buy it, use the code Savage for a 10% discount and free web domain registration. Today’s episode is also brought to you by Blue Apron the delivery service that sends you fresh ingredients and incredible recipes so you can make fabulous meals at home. Check out this week’s menu and get your first 3 meals free by going to Blue

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