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The Flop House

D-Wars: Dragon Wars

We answer the question, "How bad could a movie with dragon wars possibly be?"  Meanwhile, Dan pitches a new Bikini-themed movie, Elliott has a flashback to the war, Stu makes a love connection, and we all take a big swig of the Hong Kong cocktail.

0:00 - 0:32 - Introduction and theme.
0:33 - 26:07 - After a brief and transparent bid for sympathy on Dan's part, we get down to business and discuss D-Wars: Dragon Wars, the film that can't make up its mind whether to abbreviate itself.
26:08 - 27:37 - Final judgments.
27:38 - 28:49 - We announce a shameless ploy to increase listenership.
28:50 - 32:29 - A long-absent segment makes its triumphant return.
32:30 - 38:20 - The sad bastards recommend.
38:21 - 42:08 - Some podcast business is taken care of, amidst copious gibberish.
42:09 - 43:21 - Goodbyes, theme music, and outtakes.

I apologize that the audio quality is slightly lower than the previous few episodes.  My allergy-addled mind didn't take enough time checking the levels, so I sound slightly louder and cracklier than Stu or Elliott, despite doing my best to fix it in post.

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