The Flop House : Ep. #280 - Peppermint Image
The Flop House : Ep. #280 - Peppermint Image


It’s MAX FUN DRIVE time, everyone! That means we’re putting out an extra episode on a week we’d normally take off and drink pina coladas or something. Instead we watched the Jennifer Garner revenge fantasy Peppermint, and hoo boy is it racist! Meanwhile, Elliott reveals his Mandela effect defense attorney strategy, Stuart gets lost in his thoughts, and YOU’RE NOT DAN’S DAD, JESSE.

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Wikipedia synopsis for Peppermint

Movies recommended in this episode:

Captain Marvel

The Wailing

Early Man


June 8 – PORTLAND – Revolution Hall

July 13 – MINNEAPOLIS – Parkway

September 28 – BOSTON – WBUR CitySpace

October 12 – LOS ANGELES – The Regent Theater