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The Memory Palace

Episode 81 (Below, from Above)


* We start off with Wien, by Labradford.
* The guys head out to the work site to Piano 3, from Jon Brion's score to Synecdoche, New York.
* Then we hear a bit of Metamorphosis by Vladamir Ussachevsky before being bombarded with bits of Fast Pasture by Todd Reynolds.
* There's a long stretch of Fog Tropes by Ingram Marshall
* Followed by Fragment I by Library Tapes
* Before ending on Berceuse, by Alexandra Sileski.

* This is a story I've been wanting to do forever. In fact, falling in love with the story of the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the things that sent me on a path to doing The Memory Palace at all. So, most of this stuff I just kind of already knew. But it was a particular pleasure to go back and read David McCullough's masterful, lovely The Great Bridge. And to read a ton of contemporary accounts of its construction, particularly the New York Time's piece where the reporter heads down into the Brooklyn Caisson.

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