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The Memory Palace

Episode 83 (Overland)

In 1897, the whaling ship Belvidere found itself frozen in arctic waters. Against all odds, George Fred Tilton trudged thousands of miles across the ice to get help. 

Nearly all the research for this one comes straight out of the highly-readable,
Cap’n George Fred, G.F. Tilton’s 1925 autobiography. I got my copy at a used bookstore for $11. It’s easy to find on eBay and Amazon and whatnot. Totally money well spent.

* First up is Lacrymae by Melodium.
* Then we mix in Every Mournful Breath by Slow Meadow
* Meeting the Neighbors from Marcelo Zarvos’ score to the delightful, Please Give, makes a return appearance.
* There’s Steve Reich’s “Music for Pieces of Wood,” as performed by Smoke and Mirrors Percussion Ensemble.
* Yes, that’s Immigrant Song, from Zeppelin III.
* There’s a bit of Frost Trees from Lalo Schifrin’s extraordinary score to The Fox, from 1967.
* End credits, as always, is Wien, by La Bradford. Buy their music, please.

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