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The Memory Palace

HIgh Above Lake Michigan: Special Platinum Edition

Something to listen to while you wait for the new season of The Memory Palace, launching June 21st with weekly episodes through the whole summer.


There are two Erik Satie pieces in here: Denieres Pensees 1 & 2. Then you’ve got a little, Rainbow, by Battles. And then at the end, En Gallop, by Joanna Newsom (which I felt lame about looping so heavily because I know it so well and know that it’ll be distracting to those who do. But then I convinced myself that a loop works a little bit like a Ferris Wheel and felt marginally better).


I’m a full-on Columbian Exhibition of 1893 nerd. Have a ticket to it framed on our dining room wall. For all of your Chicago World’s Fair fact-needs, The Devil in the White City is the place to go. For your heartbreak and beauty needs, go to Jimmy Corrigan: the Smartest Kid on Earth, by Chris Ware.


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