#20 This week's mission: create the 'Soundtrack of Our Lives'

#20 This week's mission: create the 'Soundtrack of Our Lives'

I recently discovered the music lover's website Grooveshark. I'm guessing many of you have too. It's pretty cool, right? I'm just getting familiar with all the features, but one thing I was immediately drawn to is the ability to create and share playlists. Which got me thinking.

I believe it is now time that we create an official Mission Amy K.R. soundtrack.

So: Imagine watching yourself on a big screen...just living...going about your day...what music is playing? What would the soundtrack of your life be? That's how I want to approach this.

To get us started, I've created this mini playlist. While each of these 3 songs have an epic-ness about them, I think the final soundtrack we create together can ebb and flow between big, sweeping songs and smaller, tender songs.

What now? Go ahead and share your song suggestion in the comment section to your left. At week's end, I will curate and assemble into one supremely excellent soundtrack, just in time for your listening pleasure over the long holiday weekend.

tra la la,


p.s. going with the music theme here, stay tuned for the finished Quote Book later today!