#38b What's ringing our bell this very minute!

#38b What's ringing our bell this very minute!

What's ringing our bell this very minute?

a) This video! It's the most deliciously odd and wonderful thing EVER! (and by ever, I mean in like the last few days.) It's called "Marcel The Shell With Shoes On"

b) The fact that, per Monday's special invitation and subsequent responses, we now have Secret Agents all over the country hiding little silver bells for you to find! Yes, our Mission Amy K.R. Scavenger Hunt is officially now in session! We have two Secret Agents who have already completed their mission and I share their details right below, but do return here throughout the day as we will keep posting news and clues from our other Secret Agents currently out in the field hiding bells!

If you have friends/family in these locations, please let them know, okay?

1. SECRET AGENT: "Mr. 7th Grade" HIDDEN BELL LOCATION: Burlington, Vermont CLUES: Go to the place where you can find Vermont's Finest. Look up, down and all around. And maybe even behind.

2. SECRET AGENT: "Linus"

HIDDEN BELL LOCATION: Silver Spring, MD CLUES: It is‚ along one of the Streets that border the District. It is in the establishment that sits on the site of Boundary Stone NE-1, one of the original 40 locations that were surveyed when the border for Washington, DC was laid out between the years 1791 and 1792.

This establishment will entice you by its smells and contents.

Once inside, you will see a note that says, "Congratulations On finding this bell! If you are happy with your purchase here today, or just happy, Please ring the bell to let everyone know."