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#42 You. Preserving the here and now.

One of the things we like and strive to do here at Mission Amy K.R. is explore a wide range of mission flavors, to come at them (and life) from all different angles.

Last week’s “Positive Pranking” was bold and playful. (and geesh, look at what we started here! “Positive Pranking” goes global people! Hearty thanks again to John Green and his posse.)

This week we are turning the dial to chill and introspective.

So before you play this 90-second short film, get comfy, grab a fresh cup of coffee, close your door and other portals…

Your mission?  To hold onto the moment a wee bit longer, and answer this question over there (me nodding left) in the comment section:

—> Where are you and how are you right here and now?

I think this will be a wonderful way to capture/preserve this precise moment in time for each of you/us; to get to know our Mission Amy K.R. kindred community a bit better; and by week’s end we’ll have this amazing, mosaic-like snapshot of our collective here and nows.



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