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#42a We continue to preserve the now

It was interesting to read the comments to yesterday’s post and to actually movethrough a day, jumping from one person’s now to another’s.

As a matter of fact, the experience felt real as a tiger’s tooth, and I’m convinced that reading the comments has actually aged me an extra day.  I’ve tried to read them backwards, but I can’t quite get a handle on what a cricket’s chirp sounds like in reverse.  And, let’s not get into the eating process and what not.  I’m easily made queasy.

So, my thinking is that if I can’t go backwards, I will just have to keep going forwards.  Eventually, I think, I will end up in the place where I was and had sort of wanted to stay.  So, for today, let’s continue moving in the now, on the ledge.  Continue to tell us where you are here and now.


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