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An open letter to Mr. Huey Lewis (Re: Millennium Park vs. Ravinia)

Dear Mr. Lewis:

Welcome to Chicago! I hope you are having a nice visit and enjoy a wonderful show at Ravinia Festival. I wish I could attend because I think you are pretty awesome.

Next time you come to town, skip Ravinia, OK Huey?(Flickr/Adam Kuban)
I mean this! Being a child of the ‘80s, nothing was cooler to me than dancing to my dad’s cassette tape of Sports and obviously you are a large reason why the movie Back To The Future is so awesome. The best daddy-daughter wedding dance I ever witnessed was when my friend Courtney and her dad boogied, at her reception, to a video of them dancing to “The Heart of Rock n’ Roll” when she was about four years old. It’s a fact that the Ghostbusters theme wouldn’t be as great without you. I loved this interview with you in the AV Club. Part of me even thinks that my love of Elvis Costello is based on the fact that The News was his backup band (as Clover) on My Aim Is True.

If it were up to me, there would be a song where you create a questionable character who ironically talks about how great the movie American Psycho is, thereby establishing that that movie is not actually that great.

So, yes, I am into you and your music.

But here is my request. Next time you come to town, skip Ravinia, OK? Come to Millennium Park instead.

The thing with Ravinia is, it’s a gigantic hassle any way you slice it. If you’re driving, traffic and parking are a pain. If you’re taking a Metra, waiting to get on/off the train is a drag. Once you get to the park, it takes forever to find your group of people, forever to find the bathroom, forever to get set up and then of course you envy everyone else’s setup because no matter what spread/furniture/accessories you brought, someone else did it better and more cleverly than you did. Once the music actually begins, you don’t even care because you realize all you really bought tickets to were the chance to eat some brie and drink some wine outside.

Millennium Park concerts, on the other hand, are where it’s at. The concert is free for lawn-sitters. Parking is not cheap but it’s available and you can actually get home relatively quickly. There are nine hundred million buses and four hundred million "L" trains available to take you home afterwards. Any number of grocery stores or restaurants are nearby so guests can feel comfortable with exactly what provisions they bring because they’re not saddled with the sense that they are camping and thus have to bring everything. You can bring nothing and feel okay about it because it’s not like you trekked all the way out to Highland Park.

Basically, Millennium Park concerts are way better than Ravinia shows, and in general, much more convenient for yours truly. Since I know you typically book your shows around my particular needs, I thought you might like to know, for next time.

Your friend, with hot loving every night,
Claire Zulkey

CC: The News

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