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Carol Mosely Braun holds press conference in front of blood-stain, hours after drive-by

I'm a little late, but maybe this could be a new segment for the blog - instead of a morning round-up, maybe I can gather interesting tidbits from reporters and ongoing stories and deliver you an afternoon report:

Top StoryNavy Pier is being leased to a not-for-profit. According to Al Keefe's story today, the new not-for-profit wants to make the pier more "family-friendly." No doubt that will include re-approaching the Chicago Childrens Museum, who's latest plan to move to Grant Park has been stymied by political forces. But no one mentioned the makeshift Thomas Train by the fudge shop. No word if renovations and expansion might be in the works for the odd, circular, indoor train.

B story: Carol Mosely Braun held a press conference today at the site of a drive-by shooting to emphasize the need for better crime policies. The drive-by actually happened this morning and reporters and cameramen were treated to graphic blood stains on the street to punctuate her point. Now, I'm sure every crime reporter has seen their share of blood stains, but this wasn't a crime story, rather a press conference for a politician running for office. What do you think? Does this smack of exploiting victims or does it bring home the need for us to deal with violence on Chicago streets? Here's the picture of the stain, which was directly behind Mosely-Braun. Was this intended by the campaign? Or did the media, upon arrival, choose this spot because of the gruesome scene? 

C story: Hey, WBEZ's Tony Arnold made the front-page of the Sun-Times today! He's so close to becoming recognized on the street:

D story: You got to give it up for Sarah Jindra. Our traffic reporter took her flip camera and recorded a video high-above Wacker Drive to show the hot-spots, congestion and new alternative routes due to construction. For my money, best coverage of the construction to date. Kudos Jindra!

Weather: Ooooh, it's cold. And whenever I wear a sports jacket, I can't get my puffy coat over it so I go without. So I've got a long, cold commute tonight.

Sports: You know who else is awesome? Stacey King. The colorful color-commentator for the Chicago Bulls gave us a few minutes before a recent home game to help us better understand his awesome, off-the-cuff, wild-tongued phrases. He is 'King' of the Wikipedia Files.

Kicker: Are you serious? Butt-dialing? I hope Wilmette outlaws butt-dialing.

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