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Casino 37: We should consider a downtown casino just based on the name-play


Top story: Mr. Jerry Roper (head of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce) is pushing the state to approve - and for Governor Quinn to sign off on - a casino in Chicago. He says the best spot? Block 37. How awesome would that be? After 20 years of trying to figure out what to do with that lot, they go with a combo TV studio and casino. Hey, better than an ice rink, right?

And even though casinos are controversial because they prey on the poor,  ravage local economies and bring in unsavory business operations, you have to give this one a look because of the name-play opportunities! Casino 37!? Best name for a casino ever. Why? Because Roulette only goes up to 36. BOOM. That name-play alone should get it through the IL House.

And think of the negative effect a casino could have on that area. If I had to kill time, I would no longer go to the Macy's food court/kitchenware area. Instead, I'd go play some Pai Gow Poker.

B story: Rahm Emanuel and the board of elections circus is great political theater. Now, I am not a Rahm supporter and I don't intend to be biased in the mayoral election, but is the residency issue really about the fact that Emanuel didn't buy a city sticker and he owes the city $80? And therefore, since he owes money to the city he can't run for mayor? When you look at it that way, you really have to ask if the powers behind the movement to keep him off the ballot are just deciding who we can vote for...over $80. If this actually bears fruit for the Rahm opponents and he is kicked off the ballot, we will have serious image problems nationwide. I am not sure that I want some machine Democrats in smoke-filled backrooms making this decision for me.

C story: Toni Preckwinkle cleans house. But the press isn't asking the hard questions. Ms. President - is that the only suit you have? That blue get-up has gone a long way. Or wait, do you think she has more than one of the same? 

D story: We have a great argument going on the blog about whether or not to rename a street after Ron Santo. Eric Zorn suggested we rename Balbo Drive down in the South Loop. Some irate commenters belittled the idea because Santo is a baseball player and Balbo was a general with a better resume. My position is that Ron Santo was indeed a baseball player, and with his play, his broadcasting and his charity work, made ChicagoT a better place. He touched millions of Chicagoans with his talent. Yes, he hit a ball for a living. But to discount him because of his career choice is ridiculous.

Weather: It's cold. Way too early.

Sports: Want the good news or bad news first? Bad news? The Patriots are the best team in the league and they are coming to Chicago next week. Good news? The Jets are coming two weeks later. And this will officially be the last time that I rant on Sun-Times columnist Rick Morrissey. Last week, he relented and said he is eating crow after predicting the Bears (and his rival Lovie Smith) would crash & burn. Not only predicting a terrible season, but writing BEFORE the season started that he hoped the Bears would lose so Lovie would be sent packing. Now he steps up today with a column about the "wussification" of the NFL, based on the hit that the Lions' DT put on Jay Cutler. The play has sparked debate, especially between Bears & Lions fans. Was it a penalty? Was his intent to injure? In my view, the NFL has set up new rules to avoid players making premeditated choices (even in seconds) to hurt another player. That's the idea behind helmet to helmet and no hitting of defenseless receivers. Regardless of whether or not Suh punched Cutler, he did show intent to try and injure the player (doubters, watch the tape). Regardless of that argument, Morrissey is the reigning sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, and he seems to hate this Bears team. I don't need you to be a homer for the home-team, but don't go out of your way to be the home-town contrarian. This will be the last time I write about him and his work, mostly because I'm hoping that Chicago will avoid his column and Jim Tyree will have to transfer him to Jacksonville.

Kicker: Did you see the video from Amy Krouse Rosenthal's 10/10/10 event at Millenium Park? It was a great experience being there and it is even better on film, thanks to the work of filmmaker Steve Delahoyde. I'm in the video below - I'm the one goofball who didn't wear the uniform. Why? Not because I'm too cool for school. Nope, because I blanked on it. Forgot entirely.

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