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Chick-Fil-A opened today at Chicago and Wabash. Hey, somebody has to feed the flash mobs.

If the flash mobs want Chick-Fil-A, we'll be ready (photo by Flickr/Erin Nekervis)

I haven't paid too much attention to the story, but Lewis Jordan is out at the CHA for credit card mismanagement. Upon closer inspection, he spent $15k over 3 years. So $5k a year? What's happening with political scandals these days? That's like two days for lobbyists in Springfield. It seems like we might have a mayoral scapegoat on our hands. WBEZ's Natalie Moore called HUD to ask them their opinion on Jordan's spending.  Bottom line:  They said that they were fine with the CHA credit card spending and that Jordan didn't violate any policies.

So who replaces Jordan? Let's speculate, shall we?

Ron Huberman: Huberman got out of CPS a few months back. If his goal is to run every city department, CHA is perfect for him.

Alexi Giannoulias: IL Treasurer running housing? And Obama's senate candidate? He needs a bone and Rahm could throw it.

Tammy Duckworth: Coincidence that she resigned her post this week at IL Veteran Affairs? There are no coincidences in local politics.

Cheryle Jackson: She was Blagojevich's press person. She also was an early IL senate candidate. She used to run the Chicago Urban League.

Patrick Daley: Let's get the youngster some political experience before he becomes mayor, shall we?

Or somebody else that actually knows public housing? Nah, that would be boring!

B story: We are in a serious challenge this week with Old Town School of Folk Music for Bike to Work Week. Essentially, whoever has more employees biking to work more often this week more wins...something. What do we win? More bikes? A gift card from Chili's? No, just bragging rights.

Jerome McDonnell (host of Worldview) is super into this. He's really pushing us to win. I don't have a bike but I figure I'll just say I do and write down that I biked here 50 times this week. Next, I'll get a bunch of guys from the precinct to drum up fake WBEZ workers to ride fake bikes. We're going to win this thing. Audit me after I leave office.

Yesterday, I saw CDOT crews working on Kinzie to give it a permanent bike lane. That's an awesome idea, but CDOT should probably get together with the Wacker Drive construction folks and coordinate. Because everyone knows that Kinzie has become the alternative route to the North Loop now that Wacker is down. So maybe it's not the best time to add an influx of bikers to that route. Just sayin'...

C story: Rob Lowe will play Drew Peterson in a new made-for-TV movie. Do you think Rob Lowe paid attention to the Drew Peterson case or do you think it's just a serviceable script and a few hundred thousand in his pocket? I've lost track of what is actually happening with Drew Peterson. Ugh. Where is Fox News Chicago when I need them?

D story: Chick-Fil-A opened today at Chicago and Wabash. Hey, somebody has to feed the flash mobs. (Ed note: Media got food today, but the actual opening isn't til tomorrow at 6am. But if you like to hang out at that location overnight, do it  - see comments)

Weather: Beauty. Is it me or has the city finally embraced this weather? Yesterday (Tuesday), there were a million people out after work.

Sports: Here's a mind-bender: The Vancouver Canucks will play Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Championship tonight. The Canucks beat the Hawks on April 26th. Hockey is still going today, June 16th. That means that these two squads (Canucks and Bruins) will have played 2 months longer than the Hawks did.

14 years ago today, the Chicago Bulls held a Grant Park celebration for their 5th championship.  Also, if you want to buy all the championship newspaper covers, the whole collection is only $995 on EBay. Maybe borrow the CHA credit card?

Kicker: I'm doing a show tomorrow for the Just For Laughs festival. It's called "The Alderman Ed Bus Variety Show (and neighborhood CAPS meeting)". Alderman Burt Natarus will be performing his brand of "I am just going to talk about what I see" comedy, just like he did on live radio with Ward Issues. And we are doing another Alt-Media slam. The idea is that we (Schadenfreude) bring together four independent media outlets to insult each other on stage in front of a live audience. Think 8 Mile, but instead of rappers, nerdy blog editors. The show will also include Vocalo's Brian Babylon and WBEZ Traffic Reporter Sarah Jindra too.

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