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Children's Museum to consider staying at Navy Pier. In other news, downtown condo owners throw huge party

The above picture of old people dancing is from the internet. It's not a picture of Chicagoans. But it's a composite of what I think downtown condo owners are doing right now hearing news they successfully stymied the Children's Museum to Grant Park.

Top story: The Chicago Children's Museum is in the news today, saying they "will consider" staying at Navy Pier. They haven't given up plans to move to Grant Park, but this statement of consideration definitely opens the door for the end of that much-politicized proposal to put a museum on public land. Translation:  You win, rich people who didn't want buses lined up next to your sleepy condos.

B story:  Did you see the video released yesterday showing Chicago police officers letting a gang of onlookers taunt a passenger in custody? It's pretty interesting and raises the point of whether this is proof of the long rumored practice of police dropping gang members in rival gang member territories as a tactic to scare gang members straight.

I don't have a snarky comment to along with this story - I'll let the comments on the story do that for me. It's a good conversation. The better comments are on the cutting room floor, written in from either people who want the world to know what they think of gangs or actual gang members (alleged) telling us how awesome their gang is and how everyone should recognize that fact. I reached out to Gangstakilla99 and asked if they were High Fidelity members. I can't wait for the follow up.

C story: Fox & Obel, the high-end grocery store/cafe is falling behind their Streeterville rent. How much does a boutique grocery store run you? $79,000 a month.

Weather: I saw that it might snow this weekend? Come on.

Sports: My Whaaaaaa? moment of the day: The Chicago Bulls. Wow, oh wow. Monday night, the Bulls anihilated the Sacramento Kings by 40 points. They hit the road for Atlanta on short rest to play last night and they won by 30+ points. It would have been 40+ if both teams weren't in mop-up time the entire 4th quarter. I'm telling ya, the NBA fix is in. Teams are just rollin' over for the freight train that is large market basketball.

Oh, and NFL teams couldn't stop Devin Hester. So the league stepped in and made the tackle.

Kicker: Over at Chicagoist, Editor Chuck Sudo had a cool idea - give legendary photographer Art Shay a slot, showcasing Shay's archive. Art Shay was Nelson Algren's photographer and today he has some really great rare photos of his time with Algren. I had the chance to interview Art Shay when I guest hosted on Hello Beautiful! (which was still a fact on my site bio until Vanessa Harris changed it on Friday). But I had the chance to ask him about that time, working with Algren and about his historic photo album. He told a great story about shooting the 1968 Democratic Convention outside the Hilton. Shay is a Chicago icon for his special photography. It's awesome to have those images in the RSS feed, including this personal photograph of Nelson Algren with his family.

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