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Clever Apes #2: The Shakedown

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So much of science is about finding patterns -- repetitions that let us predict outcomes for given circumstances. The universe is full of these rhythms -- from the vibrating loops of string theory to the orbits of stars and planets to the pulsing of our heart. On this episode of Clever Apes, we delve into these deep rhythms. 

When you're walking and not consciously thinking "put one foot in front of the other," that's because little drummers are keeping time for you in your brain. If you want to see what the planet looks like deep beneath the crust, then you can use the earth's vibrations like sonar to scan the structures. And if you use beats and rhythms to crow about your lab, than you best watch out for rival science MCs.  

Speaking of which, in this episode you'll hear about the particle physics community's answer to Tupac and Biggie. Here are the videos, starting with the initial salvo by AlpineKat on behalf the CERN's Large Hadron Collider.


And here's Fermilab's answer by funky49. Prepare for bloodshed.

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