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Clever Apes: Skipping down memory lane

Does WBEZ producer Susie An really remember being a sprinkler-loving two year old, or just this photo? (Courtesy of Susie An)

Memory can be a tricky thing. As we learned in yesterday's episode of Clever Apes, our earliest recollections are re-written in our brains every time we think of them. This can increase the chances of subtle or even drastic changes to those memories over time.

We asked our colleagues to share their earliest memories with us and some interesting themes emerged: parental discipline, the birth of a younger sibling, and some memories closely associated with family photos. WBEZ producer Susie An was nice enough to share her memory of running through a sprinkler as a toddler. But is it a real memory or just a recreation based on the photo above?

You can listen to her memory and several others in this podcast extra.

My own early memory is of my father teaching me to swim at a local community pool. It is sort of a jumble of images and sensations in my mind. I remember jumping into the water, holding on to his neck for dear life, and being taught to hold my breath as we plunged beneath the surface.

Join in the fun and share your earliest memory in the comments.

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