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Daily Rehearsal: how do you write about writer's block?

1. Check out this sort-of scary photo of Will Eno hunting. Oh, and the accompanying article, which is a thorough, largely unedited, interview done in many different locations. When asked what makes an actor right for a part, Eno replied, "I think you have to be honest. Honest and humble. I think you have to say to yourself, as an actor, as any kind of artist, here are the rules, here are the boundaries, and, within these limits, I will do everything I can to create an effect of infinity."

2. If you're special, you might get some dollaz from the MacArthur Foundation; they're making $1 million available to local Chicago arts groups. The Foundation has a long history of giving arts money in the region, which makes sense -- this is where their headquarters are.

3. An Unscripted Romance is up at Annoyance for the second time. Just see it for the poster, which is super cute and retro. An improv show that's closing this weekend after it's second run, An Unscripted Romance features a "modern-day couple [that] incorporates the real-life relationships of its audience members into a two-act story that follows the trajectory of a (mostly) typical relationship." Make a reservation and eat dinner there too, as Derrick Aguis and Lindsey Finn entertain you. They've covered this ground before, so you're in good hands -- you may remember Him + Her and A Valentine's Show.

4. That Face is at RedTwist, and includes Jacqueline Grandt, who is doing double-duty in Bug as well. That Face was written by British playwright Polly Stenham (19 when she wrote it), and was in New York City at the Manhattan Theatre Club last spring. In his review of the New York rendition, New York Times reviewer Ben Brantley wrote, "Not since Shelagh Delaney’s 1958 drama,'A Taste of Honey,' another work featuring a mother from hell, had an angry adolescent playwright caused such a stir."

5. Neofurtist and The Paper Machete performer Bilal Dardai writes about writer's block, which seems like it couldn't work, right? And he admits that yes, technically, he didn't have writer's block, because he was writing things, just maybe not everything: "I can’t with any credibility refer to it as block. If I assign an arbitrary date of affliction; say, four months past, an honest assessment of my output leaves me with several exhibits of undeniable evidence that indeed, writing has occurred."

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